Monday, June 22, 2015

Balsamic Roasted whole Chicken legs - in the Grill Pan

I bought this wonderchef granite grill pan sometime back and never used it. Over the weekend, I had whole Chicken legs sitting in my freezer and decided to use the grill pan. This is an extremely easy recipe, all I did was marinated the Chicken legs for an hour and roasted them on my grill pan and not in the Oven. It procedure is extremely simple and the end result tastes awesome. The Onion and Bell Pepper rings, I added run time, they got a little cooked in the marinade and tasted great too.

Balsamic Vinegar is the base of this marinade; it looks like red wine, adds an amazingly rich taste and texture to the dish.


Whole Chicken Legs – 2
Balsamic Vinegar - ½ cup
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 2 tbsps
Dried Rosemary – 1 tsp
Dried Mixed Herbs – 1 tsp
Garlic – 2 medium cloves – crushed
Ginger Powder – 1/4th tsp
Lime Juice – ¼ the juice of a Lime
Chili Paprika – ½ tsp
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Sliced Onion and Bell Pepper rings - optional


Wash the Chicken Legs thoroughly and pat dry. I used frozen one’s, let them completely defrost, pat dry.

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients and marinate the Chicken legs in the marinade in the Refrigerator for an hour or more (I did for an hour).


Heat the Grill Pan and place the Chicken Legs in them over medium heat, I cooked them for about 7-8 minutes on each side.

Add more EVOO if needed.

Once one side is cooked, turn and cook the other side.

Add the Onion and Bell Pepper rings, sprinkle some more salt and pepper.

Run the knife through the thigh of the Chicken, if the juice runs clear, the meat is done.

Give it standing time for 5-7 minutes before you serve, if cut immediately, the juices will run out and the meat will become extremely dry.

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