Monday, January 23, 2012

Boiled Egg Fried Rice

Ingredients :
Basmati Rice : 2 cups washed and drained
Eggs : 4 hard boiled
Peas : 1 Cup
Carrots : diced, ½ Cup
Onions : 2 medium sliced
Green Chili : a few sliced
Potatoes : 2-3 small diced
Turmeric Powder : a pinch
Salt to taste
Cooking Oil

Method :
Cook the Basmati Rice the way you want, add adequate amount of salt to the boiling water and some turmeric powder
Hard boil the Eggs, slice into small pieces of your choice,  sprinkle salt and pepper and set aside
In a heavy bottomed pan, heat some cooking oil
Once heated up add the sliced Onions, sauté for a while
Now add the potatoes, carrots, green chilis and at last the peas, sauté.
Cover it for a while so that the vegetables are done.
Once done, add some salt and pepper and add the rice.
Toss very well
Add any sauce of your choice, toss well
Add the Eggs, toss well again
Once everything is well incorporated it is ready to be served

Chicken in Cashew Paste

Ingredients :
Chicken : 1 kg cut into medium pieces
Cashews : 50 gms made into paste
Raisins : 10-12 pieces made into paste
Curd : ½  cup well beaten with ½ tsp garam masala powder
Dried whole red chili : 3-4
Green chili : 4-5 made into paste
Garlic : 10-15 cloves made into paste
Onion : 4-5 medium made into paste
Cream : ¼ th cup well beaten to garnish
Cinnamon - 1 inch stick
Green Cardamom - 5 pieces.
Cloves -5-6 pieces
Black peppercorns - 10
Cooking Oil
Ghee : 2-3 tsps
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
NOTE : Cashews and Raisins can be pasted together.
             Onion, Garlic cloves and green chili can be pasted together.
             Cinnamon, Cardamoms, Cloves and whole black peppercorns can be made into a powder in a mortar and pestle.
             No Ginger or turmeric needed.
Method :
Was the chicken thoroughly, pat dry, sprinkle some salt and set aside
Heat oil in a Kadhai.
Add the powdered whole garam masalas
Once they start to crackle, add the whole dry red chillies, sauté for 2 minutes
Add a little pinch of sugar
Add the Onion-Garlic and Green Chili paste to this, sauté till the raw smell goes away
Add the already salted Chicken pieces now, sauté for a while
Cover and cook till the Chicken is half way done
Add the Cashew-Raisin paste and stir well
Add the beaten curd with a pinch of garam masala powder
Cover and cook till the Chicken is tender and is done thoroughly
Add Salt to taste
Once gravy thickens as per your need garnish with beaten fresh cream and a few slit green chillies and serve hot with Naan or Paranthas

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shrimp Biryani

This is a Goan specialty. I found this on the website ShowMeTheCurry and was really tempted to make it. I did my own calculations with the recipe and here is what it turned out to be :

The original recipe & the video from can be found here.

& here is how I made it :

Ingredients : (Good for 2)

  • 1.       Shrimps : medium sized about 20, cleaned and de veined
  • 2.       Basmati rice : 2 Cups, washed, not soaked at all
  • 3.       Coconut Milk : 2 cups
  • 4.       Tomatoes – 2 medium, chopped.
  • 5.       Eggs – 2-4 hard boiled, peeled and fried in a little oil, set aside.
  • 6.       Whole Garam masalas : Cinnamon – 1” stick, Green Cardamom – 2-3, 1 bay leaf and Cloves -2
  • 7.       Green Chili – a few slit lengthwise to spice it up a bit
  • 8.       Salt – to taste
  • 9.       Red Chili powder – to taste
  • 10.   Coriander leaves – handful
  • 11.   Mint leaves – handful
  • 12.   Ginger, Garlic and Green Chili paste – 2 tbsp
  • 13.   Onions : 2 large, chopped, deep fried, browned
  • 14.   Ghee – to drizzle on top
  • 15.   Cooking oil

Method :

  • 1.       Heat oil in a pressure cooker / pan
  • 2.       Add the whole garam masalas, fry for about 30 seconds.
  • 3.       Add the ginger, garlic and green chili paste to this and sauté for some time.
  • 4.       Add the fried onions to this and sauté some more.
  • 5.       Add in the chopped tomatoes and keep stirring.
  • 6.       Add the shrimp and stir some more. Keeping the tails on or cooking it without the tail is entirely up to you.  My advice to you would be keep the tails on as a lot of flavors are in there : )
  • 7.       Add salt and Chili Powder.
  • 8.       Add the coriander and the mint leaves and give it a very good mix.
  • 9.       Add the slit green chilies too.
  • 10.   Now pour the coconut milk in.
  • 11.   Add the rice.
  • 12.   Add the Eggs,  mix it very well, cover the pressure cooker / pan and let it whistle just 1 time (don’t whistle it more than 1 time as shrimps are very delicate).
  • 13.   Let the pressure go down on its own, once done open the lid and pour the molten clarified butter (ghee) in and close the lid again, keep it that way for about 5 minutes. After 5 mins, it will be ready to serve.

Devilled Eggs – my style

  • 1.        Hard boil 6-8 Eggs (approx 10-12 mins on high)
  • 2.       Fry some white onions and chili in cooking oil with a pinch of salt and pepper .
  • 3.       Once boiled, peel the shell and cut them into halves lengthwise.
  • 4.       Scoop out the yolks out into a bowl.
  • 5.       Now add some Mayonnaise (I use American Garden, the creamiest ever), some cheese spread, the fried white onions and chilis. Add more salt, pepper, red chili powder and whatever else you would like.
  • 6.       Now take small mounds of it and put this mix and put them back on the egg halves.
  • 7.       Garnish as you wish. This pic was taken when I had made it at 3 am when hunger struck suddenly so all I used was Ketchup (Simple Maggi Hot & Sweet) .

This can be used as snacks especially for occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Upto to your taste buds actually, my hubby can hog on to these at any time on any given day :) Happy cooking people!