Monday, August 20, 2012

Ilish Maacher Paturi (in the Microwave)

Finally a return to the Bloggers world. Got my hands on some delectable Hilsa / Ilish after years of hunting in Pune and made some Paturi without the banana leaf which came out perfect. Normally the thirst for Hilsa is quenched only during our trips back home where both Maa and Maa-In-Law are driven crazy by Hubby & I & our endless demands. Though I have never ever felt any of them twitching even a teeny-weeny bit to our  never ending tantrums. They always end up saying, ‘Aha re, okhane toh aar ei shob pash naa’ (Aww, it’s alright, you never get all this in Pune).

Went to our Savior, Sagar. Sagar is the name of the fishmonger, the only one who sells the best Fish (read : not frozen) in our locality in Pune. Hubby is one Bheto-Mechho Bangali (Rice & Fish Bong) who started drooling at the glimpse of the queen of Fish, Hilsa. I was equally thrilled but somehow I was worried as I was to prepare Hilsa for the first time in my life! (No I have never done it before as you rarely get tasteful fresh Hilsa here).

Returned home and connected to Wi-Fi. I needed a decent reliable recipe. The only  thought that crossed my mind was PreeOccupied, Save me! & it did. All thanks to the awesome post my Preetanjali that I found this grand recipe. It is a very quick recipe and a savior! Here is Preetanjali’s recipe for the Ilish Maacher Paturi in the Microwave. I did exactly the same way and you can see the results. How it tasted? Hubby wants to get Hilsa again the coming weekend! :D

Served it with plain white Rice. It came out just perfect!

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