Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Wicked Caramel Custard

Irritated, frustrated, restless, disgusted .. I felt all at the same time when I could never get the Caramel right. But I am one who never gives up! Hence tried again n again n again. Started getting closer to the right color and consistency & made the wicked Caramel Custard with the help of Gordon Ramsay's video on preparing Caramel, I make it exactly the same way. Every time we went to Yana Sizzlers and Wok, we never missed this. It is easy & lip smacking. I prepared it a few times but never managed to take a good click. Though I have one shady pic with me which I will share at the end of this post. 

Last weekend we were at my Sis-In-Law’s place where she cooked one heaven of a Mutton Biryani which we did not manage to click, we were so hungry. However, my Brother-In-Law made this delectable Caramel Custard and decorated it beautifully and I did not miss to click it this time. It was melt in the mouth spoonfuls of pure bliss.

The recipe is pretty simple provided you can get the Caramel right.

Here are a list of the ingredients :

1.       Milk – 500 ml
2.       Sugar – 30 gms + 50 gms
3.       Eggs – 4
4.       Vanilla Essence – 3-4 drops
5.       Unsalted Butter – 2 tsp
6.       Custard powder – 2 tsp

Method :

1.       To make caramel, in a pan pour the 50 gms Sugar in and spread it across. Make sure the stove it at high. Keep moving the pan and wait patiently, you will see the sugar melting and the color changing to a lovely yellowish-brown and darker with every passing second. Turn off the Stove when you think the color is right and take it off. At this point the caramel is very hot, it will thicken, become sticky and darker if you leave it like that, hence rub the pan on a cool surface (You can  sprinkle some water on your Kitchen stand and rub the Pan there to cool it down a bit). Add the unsalted butter to it and let it melt. Pour it on your baking dish and keep. I religiously follow Gordon Ramsay’s video on ‘How to make Caramel’.

2.       Bring the milk to boil.

3.       Beat the eggs and add it to the milk, keep stirring the mix with a whisk.

4.       Add the Sugar, Vanilla Essence and Custard Powder and mix. (I added Vanilla flavored Custard Powder as I did not have any essence, If you have Vanilla Essence then you can omit Custard Powder or use both like I do now ). Make sure there are no lumps.

5.       Pour into the baking dish.

6.       Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees.

7.       I Microwave-d  it in the Convection mode for 45 minutes. Check in between as all Microwaves are different.
8.        Prick with a toothpick, if it comes out clean, it is ready to be taken out from the Oven.
9.       Take it out and chill in the refrigerator for a few hours.

10.   When ready to eat, skim the sides of the baking dish with a knife, invert on a plate and serve this heavenly dessert.

Hubby likes the Caramel a little on the darker side, hence I caramelize the Caramel a little longer to get the color in the above picture.

Trust me, your guests will remember you for a very long time for this and will come back :D 

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