Monday, August 20, 2012

Suji ka Halwa / Sheera

In my Maternal Grand Parents house, Didu (Grand Maa) always makes these bowls of Suji (Semolina) as a part of breakfast almost twice a week. I still remember asking Didu for some left over Suji during Dinner, I used to like it so much. The smell  of it still warms my heart & takes me back in time.

Like all, my life changed too, Didu-Dadu’s little Granddaughter grew up and shifted base to another City with a  job, then got married and settled there. The visits which were as regular as once every weekend shrank to once a year. Hence the little girl had to learn to warm her heart herself. :(

I just made a different variety of the Suji Didu makes. I added some dry fruits and kesar to it and called it Suji Ka Halwa. It is also called Sheera in many parts of India.

Here is what you will need :

Ingredients : (For 2)

1.       Suji / Semolina – 150 gm
2.       Sugar – as sweet as you want it – powdered in a blender if possible.
3.       Ghee / Clarified butter – 2 tsp
4.       Handful of Cashews & Raisins.
5.       Some Kesar mixed in 2 tsps of water.

Method :

1.       Heat Ghee in a pan.
2.       Add the Cashews and the Raisins and brown them lightly.
3.       Add the Semolina and keep stirring.
4.       Add the Sugar and keep stirring.
5.       Add water and boil for a while.
6.       Add Kesar and milk mix.
7.       Once Semolina is cooked & the thickness as per you desire, switch off the stove.
8.       Garnish with any leftover dry fruits and serve.

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