Friday, September 28, 2012

Fried Rice with leftover Rice

A quick fix is always welcome in my Kitchen. With a working couple, lunch boxes can be a challenge sometimes. I have my ‘Sheila Mausi’ who helps us with making ‘Chapatis’ & cutting up the veggies. I totally forgot about today’s lunch when Mausi came yesterday. Hence, I sat last night and sliced up Cabbage, Green Beans, Carrots & a large Green Bell Pepper & stored it. In the morning, I tossed them around in Chilli Oil, added Red & Green Chilli & Dark Soy Sauce & Vinegar, scrambled some Eggs, washed and shredded some leftover Chicken pieces from a Curry, sprinkled some Salt & Pepper & mixed it with the Rice I had made yesterday and our Lunch boxes were ready! It made me feel contended! I had a full-fledged Lunch ready with loads of veggies without much hanky-panky & that is the recipe I will be sharing today. The Eggs & Chicken can be omitted completely and this will still taste as good but I give in to Carnivore in me every time :D

Here is what you will need to make it:

Cabbage - ½ of a Medium one – shredded
Carrots – 2 – sliced
Green Bell Pepper – 1 – large – sliced
Green Beans – about 15 – cut into ½” pieces
Cooked Rice – 3.5 cups
Eggs – 4 – scrambled (optional)
Boiled Chicken Pieces – 4 medium – shredded (optional) (I used the leftover breast pieces from a curry, washed them and shredded)
Dark Soy Sauce – 1 tbsp
Red Chilli Sauce – 2 tbsp
Green Chilli Sauce – 1 tbsp
Vinegar – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Chilli Oil – 2 tbsp (use any other oil of your choice if you do not have Chilli Oil)
Cooking Oil – 2 tsp


·         Scramble 4 Eggs in some Oil, sprinkle with Salt, Pepper & Red Chilli Powder & keep. (Optional)
·         I washed the Chicken pieces I had from a leftover curry, shredded & kept handy. (Optional)
·         Heat the Chilli Oil & the Cooking Oil in a Pan.
·         Add the Veggies, keep the heat on high and keep tossing them around.
·         After about 7-8 minutes of tossing on high heat they should be done.
·         Add Salt & Pepper and mix.
·         Add the Dark Soy Sauce, Red & Green Chilli Sauce and Vinegar and mix.
·         Add the scrambled Eggs and the shredded Chicken & mix (optional).
·         Add the Rice and mix thoroughly, so that the white Rice gets coated with the sauces. Once mixed properly it is ready. 

No condiments needed. This is a whole meal in itself.

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