Friday, November 16, 2012

Aloo Paranthas - Flat breads with Potato stuffing

Since the time I got ‘Sheila Mausi’ as help, life looks a little simple! Though I have to massively overlook the tea stains which remain in the cups after she washes them, even A makes sure he washes the already washed plates under running water before using them; not Mausi’s fault, she is just a teeny weeny bit careless..I take it as she is old and cannot see such vivid details. Once she took a couple of days off which I was not very happy about, she came back the third day and took out a small box from her bag and said, I have got Puran, I will make ‘Puran Poli for Bhaiya and You today instead of Chapatis. We loved the Puran Polis and thanked her immensely.

This time again she did not come for a couple of days and came back with some Karanji’s. I think she has understood the best way to get her way out with this foodie couple is food – well that’s totally true! So now the unspoken pact is she takes leaves and comes back with goodies for us :P

However, this post is not about Puran Polis or Karanjis. This is about Aloo Paranthas! The most tedious thing I find about these stuffed Parantha’sis standing in front of the flame for too long, keep adding butter / clarified butter from the sides as the Parantha’s slowly get prepared. Hence what I do now is I make the filling and store, Mausi comes next morning and makes the Parantha’s for us :P Though the pic I am sharing is when I used to do the entire process myself. Parantha’s are purely Punjabi and needs to be eaten like Punjabi’s too. Dip the hot Parantha into cold Dahi and enjoy :D Some kind of Pickle is served with these as well. We usually eat them with Green Chilli Pickle – our favorite! You can also enjoy with Mango, Mixed, Berry or any other Pickle of your choice.

Here is what you will need to make Aloo Parantha’s:

For the filling:
Potatoes – 2 Medium boiled and grated
Onion – 1 small chopped fine
Coriander leaves – a handful – chopped
Green Chillies – to taste – chopped very fine
Red Chilli Powder – to taste
Chaat Masala – to taste
Salt – to taste
For the Dough:
Whole Wheat Flour – 2 cups
Salt to taste
Oil – 2-3 tsps (optional)

Some more Dry Flour – for dusting while rolling the Parantha’s
Cooking Oil / Spray for Pan frying the Parantha’s
Dahi / Yogurt - to serve with
Pickle - to serve with


·         Boil the Potatoes and once it cools down, peel and grate them. You can mash them as well, grating will prevent any lumps from forming.
·         Add the chopped Onions, chopped Coriander, chopped Green Chillies, Red Chilli Powder, Chaat Masala and Salt and mix thoroughly. (I do this and store in an air tight container in the Refrigerator overnight sometimes for Mausi to make the Parantha’s next morning)
·         Make the dough with the mentioned ingredients. My Mom does not add Oil to this dough, but I have read at many places they do hence I do as well. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes covered. Knead one final time and
·         Make Golf Ball size balls out of the Dough
·         Make smaller equal sized balls from the filling and keep
·         Roll out the dough ball a little
·         Add the filling in the centre and bring the edges of the disk together and give it one pinch to close.
·         Even out the stuffed ball and dip both the sides into the dry flour and roll out into Parantha’s. Be careful not to puncture the Parantha’s else the filling will ooze out.
·         Heat a tava on medium heat.
·         Spray cooking oil onto it.
·         Place the Parantha on the tava, cook till bubbles start to appear.
·         Flip the Parantha to the other side and lightly spray with Cooking Oil. Once done remove and store into an insulated container.
·         Roll out another Prantha in the meanwhile.
·         Store them in an insulated container and repeat the process for all the Paranthas.
·         Serve hot with some butter on top, Dahi and Pickle.