Monday, November 5, 2012

Bread Pudding

It’s been a week that I am back from Calcutta but have been too busy to write down this post. I made this last Wednesday and got several requests from friends, family and other readers for the recipe on the Facebook Page but have not been able to successfully post this. I apologize for the delay in the process of writing this out.

It was a fun filled trip back home, with all the racket at our feet, we still managed to meet most of the people we intended to and had the time of our lives. The best Pujo vacation ever I would say. I was amazed at how many friends and family actually came up to me asking how I take out the time to cook, click pics, write out the recipes and maintain the blog and the Facebook page at the same time as I also have a 9 hr job which needs attention. To all of them I had only one reply, “I am so fond of cooking, I just have to take out time. It is a stress buster to me”. I would like to thank each one of you for taking out time to read my posts from your busy schedules, it truly means hell of a lot .. Thank You!

Before I went to Calcutta, one of my friends from work had made bread pudding and brought for me. I loved the taste of it, it was gooey and melt in the mouth. Since then I wanted to make this wonderful pudding but did not get the time as my long awaited vacation was knocking at my door. Hence once I came back, the first dish I wanted to make was Bread Pudding. I jotted down the stuff from her and made the pudding, it came out pretty well. The next day I even took it to work and she loved it too. Hence – Mission Accomplished!

Here is what you will need to make this wonderful Pudding:

1.       1 litre Milk
2.       Bread – 8-9 slices – I used brown as that is the one I had at hand.
3.       Sugar – 15 tsp – powdered in the Grinder (You can add more as per taste but normally Pudding is not very sweet hence this amount should be perfect)+ 3 tsp
4.       Eggs – 3
5.       Halved Cherries – to garnish (optional)


·         Boil the Milk and let it cool down till you can slide a finger in without burning it.

·         Soak the bread slices into the milk and mix with your hands thoroughly, so that no lumps remain. The bread should be well incorporated into the Milk.

·         Add the powdered Sugar and mix.
·         Add the Eggs and mix thoroughly (You can beat the Eggs separately and add into the Milk, I did not)

·         In the pan in which you want the pudding to set, add 3 tsps of Sugar and 3 tsps of Water and let the Sugar caramelize. The video from which I learnt to caramelize Sugar is here, I did not add the butter in this recipe. Let it cool down and harden up.

·         Pour the Milk n Bread mixture into this Pan.

·         Use a big utensil of your choice and boil water so that it covers 2/3rd of the pan when the pan is placed inside the utensil.
·         Once water starts bubbling, seal the Pan with Cling Film and place it on to the bubbling water.

·         Keep the flame to medium and let this bake for 1 hour.
·         After 1 hour turn off the Gas and let it rest for a while.
·         Once the Pan has cooled down so that you can touch it with your hands, take the Cling Film off, slide a toothpick in, it will come out clean hinting that the process has completed successfully.

·         Cover and let it sit in the refrigerator to chill overnight.
·         In the morning, slide a knife in from the sides to loosen up the edges.
·         Once done, cover with a dish and turn on the dish. You will have to shake the Pan a little for the pudding to fall into the Plate.

·         Decorate the way you wish, I did with some Cherries. Cut into pieces and serve.