Monday, May 18, 2009


Ingredients :

1. Eggs-7.
2. Fenugreek Leaves [Methi]-1 cup.
3. Coriander leaves- ½ cup.
4. Green Chillies-4-5 chopped.
5. Gram flour [Besan]-4 tbsps.
6. Carom Seeds [Ajwain]- ¼th tsp.
7. Onion-1 Chopped.
8. Cumin Powder-1 tsp.
9. Red Chilli Powder-1 tsp.
10. Chaat Masala Powder- 1 tsp.
11. Cooking Soda- ¼th tsp.
12. Salt to taste.
13. Oil to deep fry.

Method :

1. Boil 6 eggs for about 15 minutes, drain and put into cold water. Shell them and finely chop.
2. In a bowl mix methi leaves, coriander leaves, onion, and green chillies. Add besan and mix well.
3. Add ajwain, red chilli powder, cooking soda, cumin powder, chaat masala powder and salt to the bowl, mix well.
4. Add the chopped boiled eggs and add a little water and mix all the ingredients well.
5. Whisk the last remaining egg and add to the bowl and mix well.
6. Heat sufficient oil in a skillet.
7. Scoop the mixture with a wet tablespoon and gently drop the mixture into the hot oil.
8. Reduce heat to medium and deep fry the pakoras in small batches.
9. Serve hot with the sauce of your choice.

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