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Tangra-r Jhaal in the Microwave (Catfish in Spicy Mustard Sauce in the Microwave)

Catfish is known to have multiple health benefits as it has the rare Omega 3 fatty acid which keeps our hearts healthy, keeps a check on the Blood Pressure and also reduces the risk of certain types of Cancers. It also cures Arthritis. So surely it is one variety of Fish which we should consume regularly. However, as there a multiple bones in this kind of Fish, people like me who fuss about bones cannot eat them happily. Most of the people who eat this kind of Fish chew the tiny little bones and gulp them down, they only throw the main spine bone of the Fish (the vertebral column in Scientific language that is). When I talk about tiny little bones I am especially referring to a variety called ‘Tangra’ which is available in India.

Tangra  is a kind of Fish which I have never tasted in my growing up years, my Father is extremely choosy about his Fish hence my Mum never cooked anything which he did not approve of, as a result neither my Brother nor I, have eaten too many varieties of Fish as toddlers. I cook Tangra these days quite a bit and enjoy them as well, it is sweet in taste and is good for health, which is most important. However, we are not fond of the age old Tangra preparations, like a light jhol (Catfish in runny gravy), or the simple Jhaal  (Catfish in light Mustard Sauce), I prefer something much more flavorful. Yesterday I made these Catfish in a super spicy Yellow Mustard Sauce in the Microwave Oven and it came out really well. Enough of prelude, let me give you the recipe now :P

Here is what you will need to make  ‘Tangra-r Jhaal in the Microwave (Catfish in a Spicy Yellow Mustard Sauce in the Microwave):

Catfish – washed and cleaned – 250 gms – I had 15 pieces
Yellow Mustard Seeds – 5 tbsps
Poppy Seeds – 1 tbsp
Green Chillies – 8 – slit
Turmeric Powder – 1.5 tsp
Onion – 1 medium – made into paste
Ginger – 1” stick – made into paste
Curd – 3 tbsps
Mustard Oil – to shallow fry the catfish + 1 tbsp (Authentic is Mustard Oil, if you want to use some other Oil, go for it)
Salt to taste
1 Microwave Safe Shallow Dish
Cling Film

How to make ‘Tangra-r Jhaal in the Microwave (Catfish in a Spicy Yellow Mustard Sauce in the Microwave):

Once washed, pat dry the Catfish with tissues, smear Turmeric and Salt on them

Heat Oil in a Pan and shallow fry the Catfish, both sides and set aside

Dry grind the Yellow Mustard Seeds and the Poppy Seeds together with a pinch of Salt (This reduces the bitterness in the Mustard Seeds)& ½ tsp Turmeric Powder, then add 4 Green Chillies and a little water  at  a time and grind them till you get a smooth consistency, set aside

Grind the Onion and Ginger to a smooth paste and keep

Take 3 tbsps of Curd in a bowl and whisk with a pinch of Salt and set aside

Take a Microwave safe shallow dish and grease with a little Mustard Oil, arrange the Catfish pieces in

Mix all the wet ingredients together and slobber the mixture on to the Fish, top with the 1 tbsps Mustard Oil, slice the remaining 4 Green Chillies lengthwise and add them.

If you need to add more Salt, go ahead, sprinkle 1 tsp of Turmeric Powder and using a spoon, evenly spread the spices on the Fish

Cover with a Cling Wrap and Microwave for 10 minutes

Once done let it rest for 10 more minutes and then take the Cling Wrap off

Serve with steaming plain White Rice

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