Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tofu Salad with chopped Carrots, Cucumbers, Apples & Raisins

I have become so fond of Salad’s suddenly that it is almost unreal. I made a quick vegetarian Salad last night and relished the same for Dinner, it made me super happy before a good night’s sleep! It was pretty high in Protein content from the Tofu I used, I did use some Apples and Raisins to add a hint of sweetness too and it tasted out of this world with the Creamy Caesar Salad dressing from American Garden. Well I have almost mentioned everything about the recipe already, however, here is a detailed list of what went in and how I made it:

Ingredients :

Tofu – Cubed into little squares
Cucumber - chopped
Carrot - chopped
Apple – chopped
Raisins – a handful
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – ½ tsp
Creamy Caesar Salad Dressing – 1 tsp


Heat ½ a tsp of EVOO in a Pan and sauté the Tofu cubes for a minute

In a Salad bowl, assemble all the ingredients

Add the Salad dressing and give it a good mix

Do a taste test, if you need a little more of salt go ahead

Serve as a meal by itself or accompanying another meal

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